My name is Desmond Stagg, I am a British/German photographer.
I work under my real name, Desmond Stagg, as well as my 'brand name', DAStagg.
Brand Name', DAStagg.
My passion is to capture unforgettable moments and document those unrepeatable times with compelling images.
Images are everlasting and establish a lasting memory of moments, days and times that are important in our lives.
The last three years have probably not been pleasant for anyone in the world. Many of us have had a hard time both professionally and personally, including many brides and grooms who have had to postpone their weddings.
But the current forecast for 2023 is rosy, especially for wedding events. I am an incorrigible optimist and am convinced that this year we will be able to make up for the cancelled events of 2020/2021.
I also had less work in the last three years. I have used the time to further improve and refine my photographic craft. Through further education and intensive coaching with world-leading photographers, I have reoriented myself and am even better positioned and equipped for the upcoming season.
My repertoire includes:

Weddings and events of all kinds
Portrait / Headshots
Architecture / Interior Design
Accredited press photographer

Why should you choose my service? What advantages do I offer?
Being British/German and living in Germany for very many years, I understand both the British and German mentality.
I have worked in many countries and cultures around the world, and am therefore particularly adaptable to international customs and demands.
Empathy - I am willing and able to empathize with other people's attitudes, not only within the framework of Europe, but also with other cultures outside Europe.
I am based in Munich, Germany, fully vaccinated and ready to travel. Assignments in other countries is possible.